View all Windows Terminal colour schemes

Want to set the snazziest Windows Terminal colour scheme but not sure how to go about it?

Surely this is the top of everyone’s to-do list at this time of unprecedented calmness and serenity…

You could spend 5 minutes manually trying out the various options.

You could spend an hour hacking together a fairly rickety script that launches Windows Terminal with each of the built-in schemes.

Or you could let me do that for you and spend 20 seconds watching the results in video form:

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Stay safe out there.

Here’s the code:

# Script that cycles through all Windows Terminal color schemes
# Depends on there being a profile called "PowerShell" with a colorScheme already set
    $profilesJsonPath = (Join-Path $env:LOCALAPPDATA 'Packages\Microsoft.WindowsTerminal_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\profiles.json'),
    $defaultsJsonPath = (Join-Path $env:ProgramFiles 'WindowsApps\Microsoft.WindowsTerminal_0.10.761.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe\defaults.json')

# Get all color schemes from default profiles file
$defaults = Get-Content $defaultsJsonPath | ConvertFrom-Json
$colorSchemes = $

# Get profiles as text
$profiles = Get-Content $profilesJsonPath

# Fragile string stuff to find index of the colorScheme line in the PowerShell profile
# Easier than dealing with JSON + comments as objects?
$psNameIndex = ($profiles | Select-String '"name": "PowerShell",').LineNumber - 1
$sectionBoundaries = ($profiles | Select-String '},').LineNumber | ForEach-Object {$_ - 1} # Section delimited by '},'
$sectionStart = ($sectionBoundaries | Where-Object {$_ -lt $psNameIndex})[-1]
$sectionEnd = ($sectionBoundaries | Where-Object {$_ -gt $psNameIndex})[0]
$colorIndex = ($profiles[$sectionStart..$sectionEnd] | Select-String '"colorScheme":').LineNumber - 1 + $sectionStart

ForEach ($newScheme in $colorSchemes) {
    # Regex to insert new scheme
    $profiles[$colorIndex] = $profiles[$colorIndex] -replace '"colorScheme":.*[^,]' ,"`"colorScheme`": `"$newScheme`""
    # Write out JSON
    $profiles | Out-File $profilesJsonPath
    # Launch Windows Terminal
    $command = "Read-Host `"$newScheme`""
    $arguments = @{
        'FilePath' = 'wt.exe'
        'ArgumentList' = "-p `"PowerShell`" pwsh.exe -Command $command"
        'Wait' = $true
        'WindowStyle' = 'Maximized'
    Start-Process @arguments